Safer Internet Day!

This week, we supported Safer Internet Day! The internet is an amazing tool to learn, socialise, and everything else inbetween. However, we all have to be aware of the risks and do what we can to stay safe online!

Social media is often the target for bad press when it comes to cyberbullying, trolling and portraying false perfection. This can be damaging to us all. We should feel comfortable to post, share and enjoy using social media in ways which are true to ourselves and healthy.

Online, we can be whoever we want to be, we choose what we let the world see. It's important that we only interact with those who we know and trust in order to stay safe. Don't accept friend requests from people you don't know, if somebody's content is offending you, block them! Most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF!

For more information on online safety, check out these links:

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