Developing Personal Confidence

Equipping young people with skills/ tools to increase their self confidence and self-esteem.

R U Ready?

Exploring the options that young people have before sex for the first time and how to know if you are ready.


An introduction into various forms of relationships and our responsibilities within them. 

Sex, the Law & You

Exploring the law and crimes relating to sex.

You and Your Health: STIs

Understanding Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), their symptoms, treatments and preventative measures.


Exploring the contraceptive options that young people have before sex. To have an understanding of the many different methods of contraception.

Your Body, Your Choices

Exploring the contraceptive options that young people have before sex and the choices available after unprotected sex.

Unhealthy Relationships

Looking at domestic violence amongst young people. Exploring the early signs of Domestic Violence.

LGBT Sensitivity

Exploring the realities of being LGBT and dispelling myths and stereotypes.

Sexual Exploitation

Exploring the meaning of being sexually exploited.

Teenage Pregnancy

Exploring the realities of being a teenage parent.

Peer Pressure

Exploring the peer pressure that young people face and discussing ways of beating such pressures.


Exploring classic stereotypes and discussing ways to combat the negative stereotypes attached to young people.

Forced Marriage

Exploring the realities of forced marriages and how to spot the signs.


Exploring the realities of being groomed, both online and offline for gangs, marriage and sexual activity.

Female Genital Mutilation

Understanding the realities of FGM and where to get help if you're worried that it is going to happen.

Conflict Resolution

Learning new ways to say no in a safe and non-confrontational way.


To explore what radicalisation means and how it can affect you and those around you.

Legal Highs

Exploring what legal highs are being used and what the after effects are.

Self Value and Health

Looking at body image and the ways in which the media can affect your self esteem. Exploring eating disorders and the signs to spot them.

Bespoke Workshops

If there is a topic that isn't listed which you would like to be covered, we are able to write new material to deliver.


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